Learn To Play The Inner Game Of Life To Create More Wealth, Invite Abundance and Find More Time and Financial Freedom.

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If you are a Socially Conscious Entrepreneur that is seeking a different outlook and strategy at how to play the game of life by unlocking your heart centre, to create a heart centered life aligned with a heart centered business, you will find our resources, offerings and trainings very useful and valuable. Our mission is to propel humanity forward by creating a new breed of entrepreneurs that want to transform, inspire, empower and enrich the lives of many while having fun, creating wealth and leaving a legacy behind for generations to come.  Our wealth creation model leads us from Profitability to Philanthrophy. Many entrepreneurs who have come to us seeking out our wisdom, are either “stuck or trapped” in their business and to some extent in their personal lives. Most entrepreneurs work “in” their business as opposed to “on” their business. With our resources, we have provided many entrepreneurs with more clarity, confidence, strategies, and incepted fresh ideas and a clear vision. Our “Inner Game” tools on attracting more wealth, inviting more abundance, and creating more time and financial freedom are not based on the principles of fear, greed, scarcity and lack in the life of an entrepreneur. We operate on flow which allows abundance to come through, which attracts more wealth and allows for the creation of more time and financial freedom. We have identified that Money Loves Speed can be broken down into 3 speeds:

1) The Speed of Clarity of an entrepreneur’s message, ideas, and business vision/products and services.

2) The Speed of Implementation of these ideas and strategies.

3) The Speed of Transformation of the audience/tribe and that of the entrepreneur themselves.


The Money Loves Speed Show is a project that was born out of the Karmapreneurs Community. karmapreneurs.com

Our team consists of The Leading Visionaries, Exceptional Kindness Ambassadors and The Karma Soul Crew.

Founder – Samuel Nazer Walsh
Visionary Business and Life Architect

Bevan Bird
Marketing Director

Exceptional Kindness Ambassadors
and The Karma Soul Crew

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